The Introduction of Rongmei

The RONGMEI / NRUANGHMEI tribe is derived out of traditional name Maruangmei. Which mean People from South. The Rongmei are indigenous tribe of Naga, one of the major tribe. Who lives in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura and Mymmar.

The Name of Rongmei / NRUANGHMEI are spell different ways:
    1.    Nroungmei
    2.    Kabui
    3.    Kabui Naga
    4.    Maruongmai
    5.    Nruanghmei
    6.    Nruanghmei Naga
    7.    Nruangmei
    8.    Nruangmei Naga
    9.    Rongmai
    10.  Rongmei
    11.  Katcha Naga
    12.  Zeliangrong Naga

 The common term and spelling used is RONGMEI, coined by three Members of Rongmei Literature Society, Cachar. Assam. But in recent developmental for Lingustics department it is decided that "NRUANGHMEI" would be a appropriate name.


  1. 'NRUANGHMEI' Why did u add up H after G intead of after R 'Nrhuangmei' according to my point of view this is right because "N-rhu-ang-mei" but not "N-ru-ang-h-mei"

    1. Hi Dear! Thank you for Responding to the Blog. This small introduction is just trying to say.....How people and scholars use Rongmei (Recognise) Tribe when they write about.

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